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Broadcast package for a Christmas-themed live stream delivered for a Polish supermarket chain and its employees.

My Role
Animation, Design, Sound FX
The approach
Crafting a Christmas Package
One of the more unusual projects I have come across during my career was a motion broadcast package created for Biedronka (a popular supermarket chain in Poland), that served as a visual backbone for their special Christmas livestream.

The broadcast was aired exclusively for the company's employees and packed with special events, presentations, artistic performances, and more. All of that, including the more informative and formal discussions on the company's philosophy and direction, was wrapped in warm and colorful Christmas aesthetics, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.
the process
Adding the Magic Touch
When tackling this project, I aimed to create animations that resonated with the festive theme while maintaining a professional standard. The provided illustrations and visuals were transformed into lively animations that conveyed the holiday spirit without being overly sentimental — something that can often backfire at you when working with holiday-themed aesthetics.

Thanks to the distinctive and modular branding developed by an outside team, the animations I designed seamlessly integrated into the event and helped it achieve a unique Christmas quality. My work span here was quite vast: it included building assets such as intros and outros, transitions, on-screen animations, countdowns, presentations, quiz templates, and lower thirds to introduce content and speakers.

The assets added a cheerful touch and made the whole broadcast more personal, setting the right tone and leaving viewers with an optimistic impression. Overall, the package played a crucial role not only in technically allowing for the event to air but also in brightening up the experience, making the Christmas celebration with Biedronka both visually appealing and memorable.

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