DraftKings Casino
(on behalf of mediaplayers)
Series of video advertisements created for DraftKings Casino produced for ongoing paid social campaigns across the US.

My Role
Animation, Design, Sound FX
the approach
Crafting Casino Advertisements
Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with multiple online casino brands, DraftKings Casino being just one of them. My tasks were mainly oriented around creating engaging paid advertisements (both static and video), conceptualizing visual approaches for various marketing assets, and, in general, building eye-grabbing animations aimed to promote the games and resonate with users.

Displayed across various social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps, these ads served as attention-grabbing snippets of the casino experience. By incorporating the right structure, animation style, and engaging sound design, they created an enjoyable and immersive experience, strictly in line with the energetic atmosphere of online gaming.
Playful Innovations
While some of those videos followed an established and well-proven strategy, others were more unique and allowed for more creative freedom. Mixing real-life footage with the gameplay, or building custom re-usable motion templates are just some of the examples. They played a crucial role in the success of DraftKings' marketing plan, enhancing overall user retention by presenting something new and unconventional.

Thanks to the engaging nature of those videos — both visual and structural — the ongoing digital campaign was a huge success, having some of the ads produce exceptional results. This obviously was a team effort —​​​​​​​ Performance Menagers' well-thought strategy and insightful feedback from colleagues was definitely a much-needed boost — but there's no doubt that a good portion of that success has to be tied directly to the creative work and the ads themselves.

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