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Selection of motion work created for Google; Social Media videos, animated graphics, assets based on established creatives, and others.

My Role
Animation, Design
the approach
Working in Harmony
Designing within Google's brand is always a very rewarding and fun experience. While crafting any type of asset, my focus is always on putting out a piece that's seamlessly aligned with the company's renowned minimalistic visual identity. By embracing this clean and sleek design approach, my animations are characterized by a sense of simplicity and clarity, a trademark of Google's brand vision.

The minimalist aesthetic present in each and every asset might be problematic or constraining to some; for me, it's the exact opposite. It's the tough confinements and rules that make you think outside the box and force you to make use of what you have. They ignite creativity, pushing you to optimize your designs within a limited space.
the process
Decoding Google
Having said all of that, it's not entirely a walk in the park — although working with such a flexible and well-established brand can be straightforward and enjoyable, it also demands a good understanding of its iconic identity and style.

Thanks to sticking to the right design principles and respecting brand guidelines, all assets I've produced ended up working very well and serving their purpose — whether it was Social Media posts, broadcast and presentation assets, or new, custom-made animations.

After all, it's a challenge not only creativity-wise but also a good test of maintaining the integrity of such a globally recognized brand. Thankfully, past results give me a reason to believe I can do it pretty well.

Other Projects

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