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Motion design and broadcast package for VALORANT esports tournament; logo animation, broadcast assets, full-screen graphics, scene transitions, and more.

My Role
Animation, Design
the approach
Exploring the Visuals
Over the years, I've had many opportunities to work on multiple motion assets centered around VALORANT, one of the most popular shooter games out there. This includes building up social media templates, animated opening sequences, video series brandings, event coverages, and many more on-brand animations. 

Working within the iconic navy-red brand identity was always a very enjoyable and almost seamless process - all thanks to the vibrant, strong, and easy-to-use aesthetic that the game is known for. Both a deep understanding of the visual guidelines and design expertise in anything gaming-related have allowed me to contribute to the game's unique appeal while expressing my own creative touch.
the project
Cohesive Broadcast Coverage
One project that stands out is a motion package designed for an esports tournament — VALORANT Polish Invitational. While grounding my approach and creative decisions on an established identity, I made sure that all graphics not only met the broadcast requirements and goals but also resonated with the game's aesthetic (with a few purposeful tweaks here and there that were meant to distinguish the event from the actual game).

This project demanded not only crafting many animated assets such as brackets, schedules, scene transitions, picture-in-picture templates, and countdowns but also taking care of the layout, design, and overall structure of each scene. In the end, it all came together as a comprehensive set of assets and animations that perfectly accompanied the broadcast — all of that while maintaining VALORANT's distinguishable strong and vibrant look, adding to the excitement and prestige of the event.

Other Projects

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