SK Gaming
Various motion design projects created in collaboration with SK Gaming, one of the most well-known and successful esports organizations in the world.

My Role
Animation, Design, Sound FX
the project
Moving the Brand
SK Gaming, one of the most established and long-lasting esports organizations in the world, has undergone a complete overhaul of its visual identity. Because of that, I had the pleasure of working with SK and their newly crafted identity — I designed and animated an assets package that helped elevate their video content and made sure that any aspect of motion in their online presence stayed on brand.

The package consisted of standard but most necessary motion assets: lower-thirds, transitions, YouTube end cards, live stream stingers, intros, and more. The result was very well received and I'm confident to say that these animations have played an important role in ensuring SK's visual communication stayed aligned at all times —​​​​​​​ whether it was a static post, live broadcast, or a video.
Going Back in Time
Given how enjoyable it was to work with SK Gaming, I was very pleased to assist them on many more motion-oriented projects that followed. One of them was a particular one —​​​​​​​ a retro-stylized animation meant to act as a video game's screen in one of their upcoming videos.

The task was simple: create a series of animated scenes that would look as if they were pulled straight out of an 80' arcade machine. Awesome characters and background illustrations were designed on SK's side — my job was to build upon them, breathe some life into the imagery, and eventually create a legit and engaging retro experience.

I'm delighted to say that both parties were very happy with the outcome. On one side, I was glad to have much creative freedom during the design process and found myself meshing seamlessly with the 16-bit aesthetic. On the other hand, the assets I delivered met the requirements perfectly and precisely matched the vision; they were the last puzzle required to finish SK's awesome video announcement.

Other Projects

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