League of Legends
(on behalf of uck-agency and frenzy)
Collection of motion design projects centered around League of Legends; logo animations, motion packages, intro and outros, animated transitions, and video series brandings.

My Role
Animation, Design, Branding, Editing, Sound FX
the approach
Working Within a Distinct Style
During my time as a designer, I've had many opportunities to work within the League of Legends universe — one of the biggest video games on the planet — creating a diverse range of motion assets, such as title openings, logo animations, templates, transitions, and much more.

One project I especially enjoyed working on was a motion package and branding I delivered for an educational video series called "How to Build a Victory". For this task, I obviously had to stay in line with the established brand and animation style, but I did have some freedom in crafting a logo, designing a unique aesthetic for the series, and setting the overall tone and theme for the episodes.

I aimed to make learning fun and engaging by incorporating familiar in-game-like elements into the content —​​​​​​​ animations that look as if they're taken directly from the game, a clean typography system that's very transparent and informative, and many more custom motion assets used throughout the episodes. This ensured that the series felt like a natural extension of the game while being informative and fun to watch at the same time.
the alternatives
A Sketched Approach
Additionally for this project, I've explored an alternative design approach that brings a different flavor to the table. This style takes on a sketchy and notebook-inspired aesthetic, adding a touch of raw, grunge texture and noise. In this version, the animation style takes cues from a low frame-rate stop-motion approach, delivering a very distinctive and tactile feel.

This, with the addition of a unique color palette, modular iconography system, and a new take on typography, resulted in a style that's very easy on the eye and one that could serve as a more standalone sub-brand.
Simple yet Effective
Another time, I led the creative planning for a series of short videos, where each episode was centered around a different character present across three interconnected video games —​​​​​​​ League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

Since the videos were actually advertisements for newly released mobile game and were meant to appear regularly, I came up with the overarching idea for the series and designed the intros and outros to make sure they tied everything together nicely — all that while looking visually appealing and fun to watch at the same time.

Other Projects

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