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Motion design and visual identity works for a Polish leading esports league — Ultraliga; broadcast assets, full-screen animations, branding, and sound design.

My Role
Animation, Design, Branding, Sound FX
the approach
Designing the Esports Scene
A leading esports league in Poland — Ultraliga — is an important milestone for the Polish competitive gaming industry. At the time, It was the first big-budget esports production in the country and one of the best-developed and strongest competitive gaming brands in Europe.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the development and design team responsible for its clean & bold visual style and animations, which were one of the reasons for the league's prestige and renown. Whilst working with the brand for many years, I have created and built multiple different assets, motion graphics, broadcast elements, and sub-brands.

When working with Ultraliga, my goal was to keep those graphics as simple as possible, while keeping them transparent and easy to understand at the same time. This was an important aspect of my work, especially since most of the assets were data-heavy, informative, and packed with content. These designs — which helped to reinforce the very slick and strong brand identity — effectively captured the league's recognizable cyan and white colors, adding to its distinctive and appealing visual style.
Growing With the Brand
In addition to crafting essential broadcast elements like lower thirds, infographics, transitions, and other animated on-screen assets, I also led the design process of a distinct sub-brand for a video series closely associated with the league. This included tasks such as creating an overarching visual theme, designing a logo, choosing a color palette and animation style, and setting an overall theme and mood for the episodes.

The primary objective was to ensure that the video series possessed its own distinctive visual identity, setting it apart from Ultraliga, while seamlessly aligning with the league's polished and smooth design approach. All of this, accompanied by a relaxing and laid-back choice of music and a proper sound design, ensured that each episode was not only engaging content-wise but also appealing both visually and aurally.

Other Projects

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