UCK Agency​​​​​​​
Brand identity for a startup creative agency based in Warsaw, specializing in video and content production centered around gaming.

My Role
Brand Identity
the project
Brand-New Identity
UCK Agency, a creative house specializing in video production and content creation centered around gaming, was in need of a fresh new look. I took charge and went on a mission to give their brand a makeover —​​​​​​​ a mission aimed to bring UCK to another level by designing a new revamped visual strategy that would really represent what the company is all about.
the process
Creating a New Upgraded Look
Given the very specific tone of voice we wanted to achieve, I mixed and merged the gaming digital feel with modern and strong visuals. An energetic color palette, a confident in-your-face narrative, and an eye-catching aesthetic approach were at the core of the UCK's new visual language. The end result is a vibrant and bold look packed in an approachable yet fresh brand identity that works across multiple devices and areas of use.
when a concept becomes reality
Use Cases and Marketing Materials
The next step was to transform the concept into tangible visual elements, each designed to reinforce the new identity of UCK. The mockups played a pivotal role in conveying the agency's branding across various mediums and helped visualize some of the key aspects of the newly established design guidelines.

By presenting the logo and other elements in real-world scenarios like ID cards, office supplies, stationery, and digital interfaces, I showcased the adaptability of the brand to different contexts while ensuring consistency remained intact.
Social Media Presence
Another really important aspect of the assignment was to tackle the online presence of UCK on websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. I designed many examples of use cases and asset templates, all tailored to resonate with the established aesthetic in a way that strengthens brand awareness.

Consistency is one of the key qualities that affect authenticity and decide how the brand is perceived. Having that in mind, I made sure that the logo was present across all social imagery, created profile assets for all major platforms, and designed a custom-tailored typography system that added a distinctive touch to graphic posts and announcements.

This ensured that the agency's voice remained consistent across all channels — something that is crucial if you want to build a strong and long-lasting brand.

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